4th Summer School. Environmental Decision Support Systems (EDSS): A Tool for Wastewater Management in the XXI Century

Catalan Institut for Water Research (ICRA)
-H2O Building-
Parc Científic i Tecnològic de la UdG
Emili Grahit 101
Girona (Spain)
4-8th July 2011

This short, intensive and highly specialized course is focused on Decision Support Systems (DSSs). Innovative tools developed to address the decision–making in the complex issue of the wastewater management. The range of applications of DSSs in water treatment is overwhelming. The chance to learn about tools able to provide consistency, time efficiency, integration and optimum solution for a wide range of wastewater problems is presented.
The course is mainly oriented to PhD students who wants achieve a higher degree of specialization in this field, but also to other students or professionals specifically interested in these topics and with a limited amount of time.

Course language: English
Number of participants: 24
Total hours: 40 (theoretical and practicum)
Practicum groups: 8
Scientific Coordinator:
Prof. Manel Poch
Technical Coordination:
Manel Garrido, Ignasi Rodríguez-Roda and
Quim Comas (University of Girona)

Manel Garrido (mgarrido@icra.cat)
Tel. +34 649 125 197
ICRA tel. + 972 183 248

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